Support Services

In addition to the resources listed on this site, I am available for private consultations. Please contact me for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss whether my services will address your needs.

Lifestyle Consultation:
Learn simple solutions for achieving a more organic and sustainable lifestyle. I am available for overall consultation and for support in any single aspect of your lifestyle. For example, selecting a water filter system, understanding food choices and the importance of organic food and clothing, how to shape an exercise routine, or how to incorporate a meditation practice. I can also help you to create a more “green” and healthful environment in which to live or work.

Consultation at Kate’s home:

(1 hour): $80 or (90 minutes):$120

Phone consultations:

15 minutes: Free (one time)

Please see my “Events” page to learn more about my workshops.

Note: Sliding scale available when needed. Please do not let cost get in the way of achieving optimal health.