Self Care

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do”.- Rumi

An optimal wellness practice cannot be complete without adequate self care.

Self care means making decisions about your lifestyle that will optimally affect your health, from choosing the right personal care products to taking time for self reflection. Other aspects of self care include daily exercise, nutrient dense food, deep breathing, sufficient rest, high-quality drinking water and access to fresh air and sunlight. Self care also means making time for whatever it is that you feel is necessary to your well being. For instance…

Take care of your teeth. It might seem like a small gesture, or like common sense, but if you stop to consider how dependent we are on our teeth you’ll realize what valuable assets they are. That said, there are plenty of people who practice perfect oral hygiene as directed by dentists but who still suffer from cavities and gum disease. Clearly, there’s something missing. I recommend using a natural toothpaste, maintaining proper nutrition (especially avoiding white flour and sugar), and considering adding a supplement for oral health such as Quantum Neem Bark. You may also like to learn more about alternative dental care.

Your skin is equally deserving of proper care. Proper hydration is essential for healthy skin; in fact, doctors will pinch skin to test for dehydration. If you focus on your “inner beauty” and make sure to keep your insides cleansed and nourished, your skin will glow with thanks. I also recommend dry brushing and self massage to help your lymph system stay healthy, as well as regular breast massages.


Two other ways to maintain that inner health are saunas and steam baths. Saunas are an effective and enjoyable way to sweat out harmful heavy metals, and steam baths can help cleanse internal organs such as the lungs, kidney and bladder. Such heat treatments are also deeply relaxing and help dispense with stress, which helps with just about everything.

When possible, seek out body work. Deep tissue massage, craniosacral or neuromuscular massage, shiatsu, acupuncture and acupressure can all have a powerful effect on everything from aches and pains to your general mood.

Our emotional well-being is also crucial to our health. Simply eating the most nutritious food and getting the best exercise alone cannot overcome a negative emotional life. Create space to process your emotions either alone, with friends, or with a trained therapist so that the rest of your wellness practice will have its full effect.

Caregivers and New Mothers
We all need help with self-care now and then, particularly following a major life change (divorce, death of a spouse, change of job). However, caregivers and new mothers are prone to a gradual and more insidious form of chronic self-neglect. Despite their best intentions, they frequently over-extend themselves with others, which leads to fatigue, anxiety, depression and disease. It can destroy relationships and create unhealthy dependencies in those around us. While an outer makeover may lift the spirits temporarily, we need to cultivate deeper inner habits of self care if we are to go the distance.

A well-rounded self care practice involves all of the above and more. My personal wellness depends on a thorough self care routine that I have devised over the years, and I would be happy to help you to discover and implement your own.