“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.” -Plato

As humans we evolved to be creatures in motion, yet the modern lifestyle is increasingly a sedentary one. To obtain and maintain optimal health, we must seek out the physical activity our bodies were designed for.

Though exercise is just one component of a healthy lifestyle, there are countless benefits to increasing your physical activity, many of which you’ll notice right away.  Beyond stronger muscles and fewer aches and pains, an energized body also makes for an energized mind and spirit, and a general sense of well being.

Absolute Beginners

If you are sedentary, shifting gears to begin an exercise program can be daunting. But by beginning with very small, slow steps, we can initiate a deep and lasting shift in habits that will steadily bring about a positive change. Exercise does not have to push you beyond your limits in order for it to better your health. A fun, regular routine will increase your flexibility, improve your stamina and help with weight control. Lowering your body fat will, in turn, help guard against heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Exercise improves circulation and strengthens the whole being, including your immune system. That means fewer colds, and faster recovery times. Working up a sweat helps to purify the body and to deepen your breathing, which eases tension and stress. As a result, you’ll find you have more patience, and a greater sense of contentment and satisfaction. With more exercise you’ll sleep better at night, and that means you’ll look and feel better the next day.

A well-rounded exercise program includes cardio, strength training and stretching, and it must be something that you enjoy, if it is to last. If the gym works for you, great, but perhaps you’d prefer walking, swimming, cycling, dancing or “rebounding.” The important thing is to find something that you love and to make it a natural part of your life. I would be happy to help you explore your options and customize a routine for your specific needs and personality.

Family & Friends

I am a huge advocate of exercising with others. Let’s get together and design a program that involves the people you love, either as a family, a group of friends, or one-on-one activities. We all need exercise, so why not use the time to strengthen your relationships with some quality face-to-face time together?  Together, I’m sure we can devise a system of rewards that will motivate even the most reluctant family members.

There are so many fun ways to give your body the basic conditioning it needs to stay healthy, why not try something different? After all, it’s what we evolved to do.