Lifestyle Choices

The most mundane elements of our lives can have the most profound effects on our well being. Almost every lifestyle choice, from the sheets you sleep in, to the water you bathe in, has a direct impact on your health. Whether this impact is positive or negative is ultimately up to you. My aim is to help you make informed decisions that will enable you to make better choices, so you can feel your best.

My recommendations fall under the following categories:

Water: The human body is 70% water, so it only makes sense to think about the quality of the water that we consume… read more

Food: There is no more intimate act than eating, and nothing effects us more immediately than the food we take into our bodies… read more

Exercise: As humans we’ve evolved to be creatures in motion, yet the modern lifestyle is often a sedentary one. To obtain optimal health, we must seek out the physical activity… read more

Yoga: Many confuse yoga with mere stretching or exercise, but this ancient practice has much more profound effect … read more

Meditation: Just as the body needs exercise, our minds and spirits are nourished by meditation. In my own experience I have learned… read more

Self Care: An optimal wellness practice cannot be complete without adequate self care… read more

Clothing: When we pick clothing, we typically select for color, function and style…read more

Living Spaces: Our homes are our sanctuaries, but few realize just how toxic the average household has become…read more

Carbon Footprint: As the old saying goes, we should take only photographs and leave only footprints. However, a large carbon footprint is not something we should leave behind…read more