Finding Balance

Going deeper. Finding balance.

Caught in the loop of busy, stressful lives, we sometimes forget we have a body. We lose sight of balance and wellbeing. Even lives overflowing with abundance can get derailed and need support.

Yoga and meditation help us lean into our deeper selves to find balance and ultimately, meaning and connection. To be a container for our families and life’s demands, we must build resilience in and relationship to, our bodies.

My thirty years of experience in yoga and meditation have taught me how to honor the container~our bodies. How to go deeper within using embodied awareness to find the still point deep within the heart.

I am excited to announce new class offerings that will help you discover your still point:

Deep Relaxation

Somatic Meditation for Couples

Women’s Meditation Circle

Hand Weaving as Meditation

Each class provides tools you can take home and incorporate into your daily life~offered in a supportive, intimate, peaceful studio environment. (If you feel drawn by hand weaving, check out my potholders here.)

Whether it is clean water, nutritious food, or your carbin footprint my website has information to guide you in nurturing your wellbeing. Here, you will find a clearinghouse of research and intentional living. I share these treasures to fuel your curiosity and support you as you walk your path toward wellness. And if you feel overwhelmed by our vast choices or simply want to go deeper into any of these lifestyle decisions, I am available for consultations.

Join me on the path of healthy living.

Let’s go deeper~together.

kate kilmurray